I’m in my late 20s, about 5’4″, overweight, and have been for over ten years now. At my highest, I was 190 lbs. As of November 2015 (the last time I weighed was over three weeks ago) I’m at about 166 lbs, and I’d love to be at 125 or 21% BF.

I have had a really unhealthy relationship with food; I used it unconsciously to self-treat while I was depressed, and in my earlier years of trying to lose weight I became bulimic. I am gaining control over my eating and I believe I’ve been eating at maintenance for the last little while (1500-2000 calories most days). I’d like to work on cutting that as well, but I’m focusing on my fitness first.

I started this blog as I began going to yoga and bicycling classes in mid-August. It’s been three months and I’ve stuck with it. I’ve also started a couch to 10K program, which has a 14-week schedule, but I’ve given myself a 20-week schedule since I’m balancing that training with my other classes. I’m now aiming for 5 fitness days and 2 rest days per week. This blog is to record my journey starting late November 2015.

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