First Yogalates class

Yoga class count: 21
Yogalates class count: 1
Spin class count: 12
C210K days count: 2 of 42
Days this week on Fitness: 1/5

I took my first yoga-pilates-fusion class today, and it was absolutely brutal. Besides my core strength being wanting, the class made me feel simultaneously heavy and flabby, weak, and completely incapable of endurance. I was told there would be variations for beginners, but the (admittedly entertaining) instructor was having none of that–it was drill after drill. I felt like passing out in the middle of class and couldn’t think straight. Sweat was pouring down my face a quarter of the way in, and I took a look at the mirror right after class; my hair was in complete disarray with a very flushed face.

I can’t tell how much of this was from also being tired at the end of the work day + still going through caffeine withdrawal (did I mention it’s been about a week since I’ve given up coffee?). However, this was how I felt on Spin Class Day One, so I’m going to give myself a couple more classes to see if I can acclimatize to it.

Push your limits–don’t get comfortable–this is when you improve.

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