C210K journey

Yoga class count: 21
Spin class count: 12
C210K days count: 2 of 42
Days this week on Fitness: 5 *WEEKLY GOAL REACHED*

So I signed up for a 10K race in April 2016, sort of impulsively because that’s how I make all my big decisions, for better or for worse. (I do have a pro/con list in the back of my head, but ultimately it comes down to how I feel in the moment that I take the action. I have no idea if this means other people are better at lying to themselves about their decision-making habits or if I’m just super impulsive. I digress..)

I’ve tried the Couch to 5K thing before, and did get to week three or four where I had noticeably improved, but I had to stop last time because I had gotten insane shin splints that kept me limping when I walked for over two months. Shin splints are no joke–my bones did feel like they were fractured. So for some reason I thought it would be great to aim for 10K this time.. I downloaded the 10 Trainer app to start, which is fantastic because it also lets you play music while still giving you voice cues for when to start running/start walking. Today was day two of 42 days. I’m aiming to cover the 42 days in about 20 weeks as I’ve got yoga and spin classes mixed up in there, and I’m aiming for five days of exercise a week, to allow my body time to recover between workouts.

In an attempt to avoid the shin splints that I dealt with in my last attempt to try running, I’ve started working on my running form. It turns out I’m a heel striker, which is a huge no-no when it comes to running. Who knew. It feels the most natural way to run for me.

Goals for the upcoming C-10K days:

  • Focus on landing mid-sole, with your foot directly underneath your body with every step. Keep your arm swing low and short, so your feet stay underneath you and close to the ground. Try to keep your steps light and quick, as if you’re stepping on hot coals. 
  • Do more of these post-workout stretches. The calf stretches are surprisingly refreshing.

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